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T's Great Salsa 32oz

T's Great Salsa 32oz

T's Great Salsa is the best salsa you can buy!

We have 5 types, hot, medium and mild, pineapple, habanero

Mild is just a little spicy and has good flavor.

Medium has a lot more flavor and has just the right amount of spice and full of great flavor,

this one is our best seller.

Hot is not a painful hot but is just spicy hot with a lot of great flavor.

Pineapple is a medium spice level, it has great flavor with a little sweet, tangy and spicey all in one. This is our best seller.

Habanero is a very flavorful salsa with habaneros and jalapenos. It is hot but if you like it hotter you can open it and put in the refrigerator and wait 2-3 weeks then it will be alot hotter.  

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